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Hermantown has a proud reputation as being a community with strong civic engagement. One of the best examples of that important engagement is our voter turnout, especially in our largest elections.

In fact, Hermantown experienced 80.9% voter turnout for the November 2016 general/presidential election and 81.2% voter turnout for 2018’s state election. Early voting increased from 16% to 18% between those two elections as well.

2016 General/Presidential Election 80.9%
2018 State Election 81.2%

Hermantown has three different voting precincts, outlined below. All early voting occurs at City Hall at the Hermantown Governmental Services Center at 5105 Maple Grove Road.


Precinct 1
Gov’t Services Building
5105 Maple Grove Road


Precinct 2
Grace Lutheran Church
5454 Miller Trunk Hwy


Precinct 3
Salem Lutheran Church
4715 Hermantown Road


Voting Questions?
(218) 729-3600

Early Voting
City Hall 
5105 Maple Grove Road