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Stormwater is one of four utilities that exist in Hermantown. Stormwater refers to the rain and snow runoff, so the entire infrastructure to move that water – from culverts to bridges and ditches – is something we all benefit from in our City.

The City of Hermantown is obligated to regulate stormwater runoff. When rain and snow can’t naturally soak into the ground because of roads, roofs, and more, the rate of flow and the water quality is changed. In turn, this can negatively impact streams, lakes, and wetlands

Without any development, rain and snow would either soak in or run off to streams, lakes, and wetlands naturally. But with any development, the City must design and maintain systems that help water flow. These include ditches, culverts, storm drains, catch basins, ponds, bridges, and more. All the roads we drive on prevent water from naturally flowing, so all of our culverts, ditches, and bridges help with water flow and assist in flood prevention.

In short, we all benefit from Hermantown’s stormwater utility system. The city-wide benefit, combined with changing external regulations led the City to enact a utility bill for the stormwater system – finally matching neighboring communities.

The information below will help answer many of the questions that have been asked regarding stormwater and the stormwater utility bill.

I’m not on the city sewer or water lines, so why do I have to pay a stormwater utility fee?

Stormwater impacts all of Hermantown, so every property owner with impervious surfaces has responsibility to help with costs to maintain the city-wide system for stormwater.

How much is the bill and how often will I receive it?

Current residential water and sewer customers pay $7 per month on their utility bill. Residents who are not on city sewer or water will be billed $42 every six months ($7 per month) in July and January.

Why are we getting this bill now?

Stormwater has been an unfunded utililty since our city was founded in the mid-1970s. A combination of our growth, the rising costs of the system, and new federal and state requirements for managing that system have made this utility bill necessary today.

What value does the stormwater utility have for me as an individual?

This is a great question with a big answer. Most importantly, the billing of this utility covers the maintenance necessary to keep our culverts, ditches, and other stormwater systems functioning propertly. It also funds all future stormwater projects across Hermantown going forward.