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What are building fees based upon?

Building permit fees are based on project valuation except for residential roofing, siding, windows, doors and detached garages, which are set at a flat fee plus a state surcharge.  Fees are collected when a permit is issued.  After you submit your completed permit packet application, the city will contact you after it is approved.

What are the requirements regarding contractors and plumbers?

Minnesota Law requires that residential contractors and plumbers be licensed.  You may check with the City of Hermantown Building Inspection Department (218) 729-3600, or the Minnesota Department of Commerce at (800) 657-3602.

What permits are necessary regarding electrical work?

Electrical permits are required for all electric wiring.  Permitting and inspections are done through the Minnesota State Board of electricity. The MN DOLI Regional Electrical Inspector serving Hermantown is Jim Bjorklund, who is available at or 218-590-0861.

Do I need a building permit for replacement of roofing, siding, windows, and/or doors?

Yes, in Hermantown a building permit is required for these replacement projects.

What size building does not require a building permit?

Any building 200 square feet or smaller does not require a building permit.  The building must meet the required side, rear, and front yard zoning setbacks.

Do I need a building permit for resurfacing existing driveways or adding sidewalks?

No, as long as you don’t impact side, rear, and front yard zoning setbacks.

Do I need a building permit for replacing kitchen appliances (refrigerator, stove, etc.) or interior painting and/or flooring?

No, in this case you do not need a permit.

Do I need a building permit for replacement of a furnace/boiler or water heater?

Yes, for these replacement projects a building permit is needed.

Do I need a building permit for a swimming pool?

Yes, swimming pools do require a building permit.

Do I need a building permit to put up a fence?

You need to have a fence permit to put up a fence. If the fence is over 6 feet high, a building permit will be required with the fence permit.

Can I, as the homeowner, do my own construction work on my property?

Yes, however, you still need the appropriate zoning and building permits.

If I hire someone to work on my property, do they have to be licensed?

Yes, Minnesota law requires all residential building and remodeling contractors to be licensed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

How do I get an address for my new house?

Once your building permit has been issued, Hermantown’s Building Official will assign a street address.

How do I get a 9-1-1 address sign for my new house?

All 9-1-1 address signs are ordered periodically. An employee from the Public Works Street Department will install the address sign and signpost. However, signs cannot be installed when the ground is frozen (typically November through April).  If your sign has not been installed after one month of occupancy, please call 218-729-3600.

What do I do if my 9-1-1 sign is damaged/faded or if I would like a new blue 9-1-1 sign?

You can order a new 9-1-1 sign by calling City Hall at 218-729-3600.  The cost for the address sign, signpost and installation is $70.  The cost for the address sign with installation but without signpost is $30.

What type of foundations are acceptable for single and double family dwellings?

There are four types of foundations allowed: full basement, frost walls with a footing, slab on grade, and post/piers. Slab on grade and post/piers are required to be prepared by a Minnesota Registered Engineer).

What is the minimum width for a single family dwelling?

The minimum width dimension of a single family dwelling is 22 feet.

If I install new replacement egress windows, do I have to modify the window size to meet the legal egress standards?

Replacement windows can be installed in the original size opening as long as the new window replacement does not reduce the opening size by 2 or more inches.

Can I install a floor drain in my garage?

Yes, but the drain cannot discharge to the dwelling’s sewer or septic system.

What is the minimum frost depth for foundations?

This minimum is 60 inches (5 feet).

What is the ground snow load factor?

Hermantown’s ground snow load factor is 60 psf.

What is the snow load for roof systems?

The snow load for roof systems is 42 psf.

What is the design wind speed for our region?

The wind speed design for our region is 90 mph.

Building Official
Jim Rich
(218) 729-3600

If there are fees to be paid with any of the building inspection forms and applications, they can be paid at City Hall at 5105 Maple Grove Road or