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Hermantown continues to expand services in the areas of water and sewer. It is an important process, but it is also a thoughtful process that takes time.

The Hermantown Public Works Department is responsible for the distribution of treated water and collection of sanitary sewer waste.  The city purchases all drinkable water from the City of Duluth and the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District purifies sanitary sewer waste.

Current city water storage includes a 150,000 gallon elevated storage tank at Ugstad Road/Arrowhead Road and a 600,000 gallon elevated storage tank at Ugstad Road/Hwy 53. These two tanks have sufficient capacity to provide for two days of average daily demand if the city should lose it’s water supply.

The average annual water usage throughout the city system is approximately 26 million gallons. The city’s current water system also includes 43 miles of water mains and 425 hydrants for fire control.

The city’s sewer system consists of 24 miles of sewer mains but continues to expand based upon neighborhood petitions requesting an extension of services.

All as built drawings involving location and depth of city water and sewer mains are on file at the Public Works Department located at 4971 Lightning Drive.

Public Works Director Paul Senst and Hermantown’s Public Works team are responsible for leading the maintenance of city water and sewer mains, as well as Hermantown’s city-wide Stormwater Utility System. You can contact the Public Works Department at 218-729-3640.

Public Works Director
Stormwater Utility System
Paul Senst
(218) 729-3640