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The City of Hermantown has a total of 114 miles of roadways within its corporate limits. Ownership and official designation vary in these roadways as follows: U.S. Trunk Highway 53, State Trunk Highway 194, County State Aid Highways, County Roads, Municipal State Aid Streets, City Streets and a few private streets. The city’s portion of this network of roadways is 73 miles. Of those 73 miles, 14 miles of city roadways are termed municipal state aid streets, which are principal collectors throughout the municipality. 

Road Designations

State of Minnesota: Hwy 53 (Miller Trunk Hwy), Hwy 2 and Hwy 194. 

St. Louis County: Midway Road, Maple Grove Road, Morris Thomas Road, LaVaque Road, Haines Road, LaVaque By-Pass, St. Louis River Road & Stebner Road South of Morris Thomas Road. 

City of Hermantown: All other public streets. 

The municipal state aid streets are eligible to receive state funds from the gasoline tax for reconstruction and rehabilitation. The other streets are defined as local roadways and any improvements must be financed by general ad valom tax or other means of taxation.

Public Works Director Paul Senst is responsible for leading the maintenance and repair of city streets for safe use. There are two full- time employees and one part-time employee that work within the street department. Water and sewer employees will assist the street department employees during snowfall events. City snow removal equipment consists of three trucks with plows and a grader. The plowing of all city streets after a snowfall event used to take 10 hours to complete, but the current Public Works team averages six hours to complete. Principal collector streets are always plowed first before residential neighborhood streets.

State of Minnesota
The Minnesota Department of Transportation
(218) 725-2700

St. Louis County
St. Louis County Public Works
(218) 625-3830
(218) 625-3588

City of Hermantown
Public Works Department
(218) 729-3640