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The Hermantown Police Department is configured in such a way to best serve the needs of residents. From daily patrol to the work we do with our schools, we are dedicated to providing high-quality service.

Patrol Division

The HPD Patrol Division is the largest unit within our department, with 10 officers. The Patrol Commander oversees operations and the two patrol crews – each of which has a Sergeant and four patrol officers. This group patrols Hermantown 24/7 and are responsible for the most visible services in our community – as patrol officers respond to emergencies, traffic accidents, crimes in progress, and 911 calls for service.

Detective Bureau

HPD’s Detective Bureau primary responsibility is investigates major crimes and apprehension of suspected offenders. Major components of their work include case screening, follow-up investigations, gathering intelligence, and evidence collection. The Detective Bureau is comprised of a Commander, a Detective, and Hermantown’s School Resource Officer (SRO), who is assigned to Hermantown Schools during the school year.

School Resource Program

The HPD, in cooperation with the Hermantown School District, provides funding for a School Resource Officer (SRO). The SRO works in the schools on a full-time basis during the school year, primarily at the high school, but also supporting the middle school, elementary school, and the Early Childhood Center as needed.

Beyond traditional police responsibilities, such as investigations and interviews, the SRO serves as a resource to staff, administration, parents, and students. The SRO also teaches Hermantown students the D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program though a partnership between the HPD and the Hermantown School District that began in 1989.

K-9 Unit

Hermantown Police Department has two K-9 teams, each assigned to a patrol crew, allowing the city to have a K-9 team on duty daily.

Officers Griffin Pfeiffer and Jon Pernu are each partnered with German Shepard/Belgian Malinois mix K-9s. Officer Pfeiffer received Tuuko in January of 2015, and the pair graduated from the St. Paul Police Department’s K-9 Academy in May of 2015. They are certified for patrol work and narcotics detection. Officer Pernu received Jack in February of 2016, and the pair graduated from the St. Paul Police Department’s K-9 Academy in May of 2016. They are certified for patrol work and narcotics detection.

The HPD first established its K-9 unit in 2005 with Officer Tom Wick and Nero. The K-9 Unit of the HPD is not funded through the general budget. Instead, it is made possible entirely from donations, fundraising, and specific forfeiture proceeds. To help support the HPD K-9 Unit, please send your monetary donation to the Hermantown Police Department at 5111 Maple Grove Road, Hermantown, MN, 55811.

Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force

In 2005, the HPD partnered with the Duluth Police Department, the Superior Police Department, and the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office in assigning an investigator to the Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force. Although the assignments have since varied, the HPD continues its drug enforcement efforts by having both HPD detectives work drug cases in Hermantown in concert with the Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force. Responsible for all the high-level narcotics and violent crimes in the Twin Ports area, the Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force is funded by the Byrne Grant Program. It has had great success in taking violent, dangerous criminals off the greater community streets, as well as furthering cooperation between multiple law enforcement agencies.