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Trunk Sewer Spur Construction Starts

Press Release | March 5, 2020

City Commences Trunk Sewer Spur Construction

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For Immediate Release – March 5, 2020

City Commences Trunk Sewer Spur Construction

Hermantown, Minn. – The City of Hermantown has begun commencing work on the Section 24 Trunk Sewer Spur project, which will open up more than 230 acres in the City’s eastern edge to development opportunities.

Utility Systems of America (USA), Inc., of Eveleth, Minn., was the selected contractor at the February 18 Hermantown City Council meeting. Contractor mobilization operations have already started with staking operations beginning at the end of this week. The first month of construction work is expected to include mobilization to the site, tree removal, and granular material stockpiling, as well as drilling/blasting and beginning of the sanitary sewer construction.

Because bedrock removal will be necessary to the project, blasting will be utilized to break part the rock before it is excavated and removed. Although the experienced blasting contractor will monitor blasting vibration to limit potential for any structural damage, there is always risk. The City of Hermantown has hired EPC to conduct Pre-Condition Surveys of all structures within 500 feet of potential areas of blasting. In the coming days EPC will be reaching out and contacting residents and commercial owners to obtain consent to access the parcel’s structures and, if allowed, will document the structure’s condition prior to blasting occurring within 500 feet. It is important and beneficial for residents and property owners to respond in a timely manner if they are contacted.

Traffic impacts will be limited to areas along Anderson Road between Haines Road and Okerstrom Road beginning soon and resulting in temporary closures or flagging to allow for construction operations. The contractor also plans to close Okerstrom Road from Hermantown north to the Trunk Sewer easement. This will temporarily end access to Hermantown Road from Okerstrom Road.

In addition to the sewer project, a community-accessible trail will also be built within the completed trunk sewer spur corridor as part of the Munger Trail Spur. This stretch of non-motorized, paved trail – which will be 10 feet wide and is expected to be available year-round – will connect the southeastern parts of Hermantown with Stebner Park and the future city-wide trail system.

Weekly construction meetings will be held each Wednesday at 8 a.m. at USA’s jobsite trailer located in Stebner Park. These meetings are open to the public.


For more information contact: Joe Wicklund, Communications & Community Relations Manager, City of Hermantown via e-mail at or via phone at 218.729.3614.